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Dear Reader,

Do you know what the #1 cause of big fast stock moves are?

Institutional money.

This is money controlled by investors like mega investment banks, hedge funds and mutual funds.

These institutions hold 80% of all stocks…

With the New York Times reporting that they “rule the market.”

I’ve personally seen stocks surge by 728%... 410%... and 817% – almost immediately after I spotted the telltale signs that these institutions were about to pile into a stock.

That’s why you need to understand ONE thing:

If You Can Jump in Right Before These Institutions Do – You Could Potentially Book MASSIVE Profits

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Because these institutions have ZERO intention of letting retail traders like you profit off the back of their moves.

In fact, not only do they not announce their purchases…

But they actively cover their tracks and try to “shake out” retail traders using something I call “Stealth Trades”.

My name is Ross Givens.

And I saw these Stealth Trades happen right before my eyes during my time as a Vice President at a major Wall Street investment bank with over $3 trillion in assets.

Seeing how far these “hidden hands” were willing to go to tilt the playing field in their favor just to squeeze out more profits for themselves disgusted me.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore and left…

And now I dedicate my time to teaching retail traders like you how to even the unequal playing field with Wall Street.

But I don’t regret my time on Wall Street one bit…

Because that’s where I learned to spot the little-known signs that a deluge of institutional money could be about to come pouring into a stock and send its price surging.

The #1 Sign of an Impending Flood of Institutional Money? Stealth Trades

Stealth Trades are a specific type of trading pattern that these institutions often use to “shake out” retail traders and take control of a stock’s supply.

Then, once they’re in control of the supply, they can easily use their massive capital firepower to send a stock flying – while keeping most of the profits for themselves.

Here’s a classic Stealth Trades shakeout in Permian Basin Royalty Trust’s (PBT) stock.

In the chart above, you can see 3 shakeouts where PBT’s stock fell 20–30% in just a few days.

These violent moves are designed to scare retail investors so they sell their holdings…

Where these institutions are waiting in the wings to snap up these stocks at a lower price.

By the time the Stealth Trades shakeout is complete, these institutions would have essentially eliminated all selling pressure and taken control of almost all of the stock’s floating supply.

Then, all that’s left is to drive the price skyward…

Which in this case saw PBT’s stock surge by almost 50% in under a month.

This means if you knew how to pinpoint these Stealth Trades and get in before the surge…

You could have booked a nearly 50% gain right alongside my members, when I recommended them to jump in on PBT at $14.10 – right before the stock blasted off to nearly $21.

And remember, this was smack dab in the middle of 2022 – the worst year for the stock market since the Global Financial Crisis…

Plus, here’s even better news…

When Markets are Rising, These Stealth Trades Could Deliver Truly Spectacular Profits

Bear markets don’t last forever. That’s just a fact.

And when the bull market inevitably resumes, these Stealth Trades could hand you even greater profit potential.

Because in the last bull market, you could have used these Stealth Trades to pocket gains like:

728% on Mind Medicine Inc.
410% on Cardlytics Inc.
385% on Oculus Visiontech Inc.
817% on Izea Worldwide
700% on Riot Blockchain
510% on Bit Digital
1,173% on Kirkland's Inc

And even one knock-it-out-of-the-park 9,480% gain on Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd – enough to turn a single $2,500 stake into $239,500!

Knowing How to Spot These Stealth Trades is a Way to Turn Wall Street’s Unfair Advantage in Your Favor

Look, neither you or I have the power to rein in these institutions.

They’re going to keep using these Stealth Trades to manipulate retail traders and pocket most of the gains for themselves.

The only thing we can do about it is to use Wall Street’s unfair advantage in our favor.

That’s what my Stealth Trades system will allow you to do.

And because I know just how stacked the deck is against ordinary traders…

I’m Offering You Access to a Full Year of Stealth Trades for Only $5

Yes, you read that right.

For under $0.10 a week, you can get 12 months of my flagship Stealth Trading Gold system.

You’ll be getting:

The Stealth Trades Friday Watchlist
I’ll send you three high-potential trades every single Friday with my reasons behind each one. Plus, you’ll also get unlimited access to the archive of complete write-ups for each and every Stealth Trade I’ve identified for my readers.
Stealth Trader Profit Alerts
Whenever we enter or close a trade, I’ll send you an email with the exact entry or exit price I’m aiming for. And if you choose, you can receive these alerts by phone, so you won’t have to be stuck to your computer.
Weekly Stealth Trader Mentoring Zoom Call
Every Monday at 3 pm EST, I host a Live Training exclusively for Stealth Trades Members. Just click on the Zoom link, show up, and keep taking your Stealth Trades education to the next level. I'm here with you every step of the way. And of course, you’ll also have access to the archive of all live class sessions.
Stealth Trader Model Portfolio
Which will let you see all of our open and closed positions in one central location in an easy-to-understand format.
Stealth Trade Training Videos
Which will show you everything you need to know and how to implement this stealth trading strategy in no time.

All for just $5.

And if that’s not enough…

You’re Also Protected by my 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I can confidently offer this guarantee because I KNOW you’ll be satisfied by Stealth Trading Gold.

Over 20,000 people have joined me so far. And judging by what many of them are saying, they couldn’t be happier.

A few months from now, I’m confident I’ll be hearing from YOU about how happy you are with Stealth Trading Gold.

But please remember…

This Limited Time Offer Could Expire Anytime

As you’ve probably guessed, the regular price for Stealth Trading Gold is nowhere near $5 – but closer to $50.

Now, even though it’s still a steal at that price, there’s no reason for you to pay more.

So just fill up the order form below and get a full year of Stealth Trading Gold for just $5 while this offer is still open.

I promise that what’s inside will make you see the markets in a completely different light.

To your wealth,
Ross Givens

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